Elle’s 4th Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Elle! Wow, what a party this was! Elle’s mom made sure this was every little girl’s dream party, that means having a big cake, lots of candy and all your friends enjoying a pony ride with you! I just loved capturing all the expressions these little ones could come up with. It truly was a party to remember! Elle’s mom hosts kiddie parties, so please feel free to contact me for her details. She does a fantastic job!    

Reynolds Family

Grandparents visiting from the UK to see their grandchild for the first time….Bring Out The Camera! And there is no need to leave the house, their garden is spectacular and the views are amazing. What a great way to bring the whole family together.    

Sasha & Nadine

I met these crazy love birds during my time working on the cruise ships. Even then it was clear to see how madly in love they are. They are a unique couple and being photographers themselves I knew I had my work cut out.  But they made my job so easy by being open-minded and just enjoying the moment and each other. You are my good friends and an inspiration to couples all over. You show that it doesn’t matter where you are from, love will conquer all obstacles.        

Lienke Marlene Marais

What a beautiful family! They recently added a new addition to the family. This cute, little bundle of joy was so excited about the photo shoot, we couldn’t get her to fall asleep. Here she is at 6 weeks and her curiosity was in full swing.          

Johan & Menet

This bubbly couple celebrated their big day in an unconventional way using ‘movie making’ to surprise their guests on a hotel rooftop while making their grand entrance. What a dramatic way of meeting your guests, it was absolutely brilliant and even drove me to shed a tear. Saying their vows on the beach only in front of their families made this ceremony intimate and so much more special. It was great doing their couple shoot. They are fun, playful and made me laugh so much!    

Welcome to my website!

A warm hearty welcome to my website from a not so warm Cape Town! At the moment my blog might look a little bit empty, but I will make an effort to keep it interesting and updated. Have a browse around the site and I hope that you will like what you see. Also visit my Facebook page to see more of my work:  https://www.facebook.com/smallinda …and here is a quick intro to Linda Smal Photography: I’ve always had an intense interest and passion for photography, but never thought I would make it my profession one day. I accumulated a Graphic Design and Fine Arts background at Stellenbosch University, but didn’t feel satisfied and finished with Cum Laude and an international diploma in Photography. My photography career started off  at studios that produced innovative family portraits. They taught me how to work with people and more importantly, children. Props and pets were also incorporated during these fun, “high energy” sessions. Looking for a change in life, I left South Africa and worked on cruise ships travelling between the Caribbean and Mediterranean. During these four years I learned so much more than I did during my six years of studies. I was even selected to do an […]