Zurita & De Wahl

It was so great doing this shoot for my roommate from when I was working on cruise ships. I’m so glad that she has finally found her true love and it was amazing to see the chemistry between them. I must admit that during the shoot they were very brave, plummeting into the cold ocean! What great sports you two are!!!  

David & Talita

What a magical couple! They are not only very in love, but clearly each other’s best friend! After a long wait they are finally expecting their first child. Their journey up to now is like a fairytale! Talita is my new inspiration for when I get to be pregnant one day. She is amazing, the way she is still able to do everything for herself, her positive attitude and her open mindedness. Expecting their little boy any day now, I wish them all the happiness in the world! Congratulations Talita, David and Gustuv!