Liebe & Phillip

What a beautiful young couple on their way to a Matric Farewell. I can only think back and remember how excited I was. Liebe was wearing this incredible dress, please go check it out! I felt like I was shooting a wedding.  

Bennie & Tessa

So young, but wise like and old married couple. Everyone can learn something from Bennie and Tessa’s relationship. They treat each other with total respect, trust and love! I enjoy being in their company and I really loved doing their photo shoot. I’m hoping to one day be there on their wedding day to capture their joining and committed beginnings…wink wink. I wish all the best to this young beautiful couple!  

Juanita & Shane

I absolutely love photographing my friends! Juanita and Shane are parents of four and I just love that they still take the time to do something special just for the two of them, like this shoot. They are an inspiration to families and couples. I love you guys so much and thank you for your friendship and support! ROCK ON!!!