Don’t Break the Bank, Bride

Weddings are becoming seriously expensive and going cheap isn’t really an option. I will give you a guide on organizing the best wedding for the best price. More and more couples are getting married at an older age and they prefer to go the unconventional route by paying for their wedding themselves. But the wedding industry has become so big that it gets harder to afford your dream day. And many times buying cheap will look cheap. But I will help you with some tips on how to stretch your budget and when nobody will know what was cheap or expensive. I got married recently and was lucky to have my parents open up their wallets, but I wanted to save them as much money as possible and not splurge. I know, there is probably something wrong with me for not going bride-zirk on the budget, but I like a challenge and it gives me a great platform for getting creative and throwing a wedding with a difference. I work as a wedding photographer, so I get to experience a large number of weddings and see what couples are doing for their big day. Many couples (or brides) won’t admit […]

Lecia & Morné

Morné and Lecia had one incredibly fun wedding! There were games played, stomach-aching laughter and lots of effort gone into making Morné work hard at getting through his speech! Their ceremony was held in an underground cellar which gave a very intimate feel to their vows and brought two families close together. The venue was filled with unique spots and is utterly beautiful during the day and magical at night. I hope to shoot another super fun wedding there soon!  

Rossouw Family

Christal has actually played a missive role in my photography career, starting as a fellow classmate, to colleague, becoming my friend and helping me find my way on my cruise ship journey and now finally a client! I feel so incredibly honored to be photographing the arrival of their gorgeous little girl and I hope to follow and ‘document’ their lives as Klara grows and discover her way into this world. I wish them only amazing things and that Klara will bring them a lifetime of smiles, adventure and love!    

Oosthuizen Family

I’ve known Betsie since we were little kids, so she kinda feels like family. Which makes this session so special for me, seeing her and her beautiful little family! Her son, Lukas is so incredible smart and keenly aware of everything around him! He really kept me entertained and on my toes the entire time!