This Newborn session was a very special one! One that I was emotionally invested in ever since I found out my bestie was pregnant. Little Sebastian was such a trooper during the shoot And his parents had the cutest outfits for him to wear. Sebastian, your mommy and I had way too much fun dressing you up and posing you on chairs and your daddy’s back! One day, when you’re all grown up, we’ll tell you all about it. LOL! But for now, here is the photo evidence….    

Bezuidenhout Family

They’re such a friendly, warm hearted family. We did the shoot right in their back yard and included all the pets. They all just melted me heart. But, unfortunately they did suffer a tragedy. A week after the shoot one of their dogs drowned. My heart was breaking for them. I know the pain of losing a pet (our four-legged children). I’m just relieved that now their beloved four-legged child will forever be in their pictures.