Miemie & Anna

Miemie and Anna are probably the most relaxed brides I’ve ever seen……..maybe it’s because they got married at home (bonus if your home is a stunning vineyard)…….or maybe it’s because they had no doubts about getting married. I like to believe it’s the latter, because every time I see them together, it’s clear to anyone that they belong together.  

Theart Family

Family shoots are still one of my favorite shoots to do! The Theart Family is a family I’ve known for a number of years and it was a blast doing their shoot. Actually it took us about 3 hours, wondering through the gardens, playing and joking around…  Personally, I loved shooting between the Christmas roses, the lighting was perfect and the scenery magnificent!  

Camryn & Ryan

Now, I’ve photographed a number of Matric Farewells and I’ve found that 18 year-olds are very shy in front of the camera. Until I met Camryn……  She is so vibrant and lights up when I look at her through my lens. I thought that Ryan might be shy, but he was great! I think it helps that Camryn is so at ease and she just creates this relaxed aura around her. I totally enjoyed photographing Camryn and Ryan! They made my job really easy!!  

Cobus & Belinda

Cobus and Belinda are one of those couples who do things on their terms and don’t get influenced by what others say or think. Those qualities are what made them the most fun-couple (…..if that’s even a word) to photograph…..EVER! They wear their heart on their sleeve and are not shy in front of the camera. My favorite images are the fun, silly moments, because I absolutely love it when people can be themselves with me….and my lens :)  Plus, those moments are what truly describes their happiness, love for each other, and I believe it makes them even more beautiful than on very posed pictures. They truly are role models.  

Tara & Luke

Matric farewells take me back to my school years where everything is so new and you have no idea what the next years hold for you. Ah, what a great adventure life is and seeing the excitement is Tara and Luke was so refreshing!

Phillip & Liebe

I’m so very lucky to have this opportunity to photograph this beautiful couple , again! This was now Phillip’s Matric Farewell evening and taking them to one of Durbanville’s popular vineyards was very fitting to this occasion. After already being through a session with me, they are now like pro-models, hehehehe. It’s been a joy working with them and I wish them luck and happiness in their new Life chapter.  

Muller & Carmen

Muller’s mom won this photo session as a prize! And how lucky was I to be photographing this good looking couple on their Matric Farewell. This shoot was done at Boschenmeer Golf Estate. A new location for me, but it is so beautiful there! We finished up the session at his school, Paarl Boy’s High, where we joined his friends. I wish them Luck in their final Matric exams!  

Liebe & Phillip

What a beautiful young couple on their way to a Matric Farewell. I can only think back and remember how excited I was. Liebe was wearing this incredible dress, please go check it out! I felt like I was shooting a wedding.  

Bennie & Tessa

So young, but wise like and old married couple. Everyone can learn something from Bennie and Tessa’s relationship. They treat each other with total respect, trust and love! I enjoy being in their company and I really loved doing their photo shoot. I’m hoping to one day be there on their wedding day to capture their joining and committed beginnings…wink wink. I wish all the best to this young beautiful couple!  

Juanita & Shane

I absolutely love photographing my friends! Juanita and Shane are parents of four and I just love that they still take the time to do something special just for the two of them, like this shoot. They are an inspiration to families and couples. I love you guys so much and thank you for your friendship and support! ROCK ON!!!