Morné & Lecia

The story of how Morné and Lecia met is an incredible one and it just proves how small the world really is. It’s like destiny did it’s utter best to make sure these two people met and fell in love! Although they are two totally different people, they complement and fit together like a glove.  

Stacey and Cobus

Such a sweet couple! I really had fun with them at this shoot and can’t wait for their wedding, which is only a few days away! They came all the way down from Johannesburg and our first attempt to do their engagement shoot, the weather didn’t play along, but we got very lucky on our second try!          

Emile & Susanna

Emile and Susanna came all the way from the UK to get married in sunny SA. Having been in contact via email for so long, I felt very at home with them during this session which was also our first meeting. This house was so incredible. It felt like we were somewhere in Greece or Mexico. I really enjoyed this unique setting and couple and looking forward to their wedding!  

Fred & Alicia’s Engagement

I feel like I’ve walk a long journey with Fred and Alicia. They are two of the sweetest people, their smiles are contagious and the bond with them is instant. Seeing them together is easy to understand why they are crazy about each other. They are truly made for one another. We had quite the workout during this session, but we all enjoyed ourselves and the pictures were worth it.  

Christie & Ezelle

When meeting this couple it was clear as day to see the love and chemistry between them. And their partnership is not complete without Christie’s trusted companion, Boela. Ezelle and Christie’s story is like a fairy tail and that includes their plans after the big day. They are such sweet people and I wish them all the luck, love and happiness in the world!