Miemie & Anna

Miemie and Anna are probably the most relaxed brides I’ve ever seen……..maybe it’s because they got married at home (bonus if your home is a stunning vineyard)…….or maybe it’s because they had no doubts about getting married. I like to believe it’s the latter, because every time I see them together, it’s clear to anyone that they belong together.  

Cobus & Belinda

Cobus and Belinda are one of those couples who do things on their terms and don’t get influenced by what others say or think. Those qualities are what made them the most fun-couple (…..if that’s even a word) to photograph…..EVER! They wear their heart on their sleeve and are not shy in front of the camera. My favorite images are the fun, silly moments, because I absolutely love it when people can be themselves with me….and my lens :)  Plus, those moments are what truly describes their happiness, love for each other, and I believe it makes them even more beautiful than on very posed pictures. They truly are role models.  

Micheal & Chantelle

Chantelle and Micheal said their “i do’s” in the beautiful valley of Hermon. It was incredibly hot, no wind, but it makes for stunning pictures and less worries for hair getting messed up and decorations being blown away. I just loved their chic-rustic theme with copper metallic and purples. Their venue is  filled with a variety of picture opportunities and the staff at Kilcairn were fantastic and very accommodating.  I want to wish Michelle and Chantelle  loads of happiness and overflowing amounts of love.  

Ella & Morné

Can you imagine getting married on the most perfect day, sunny, no wind, beautiful venue, and to top it all off……a super moon! Ella and Morné had an enchanting wedding and their guests brought a magical sense of joy and happiness to the evening. You could feel their love and happiness towards the Newlyweds. How incredible!  

Don’t Break the Bank, Bride

Weddings are becoming seriously expensive and going cheap isn’t really an option. I will give you a guide on organizing the best wedding for the best price. More and more couples are getting married at an older age and they prefer to go the unconventional route by paying for their wedding themselves. But the wedding industry has become so big that it gets harder to afford your dream day. And many times buying cheap will look cheap. But I will help you with some tips on how to stretch your budget and when nobody will know what was cheap or expensive. I got married recently and was lucky to have my parents open up their wallets, but I wanted to save them as much money as possible and not splurge. I know, there is probably something wrong with me for not going bride-zirk on the budget, but I like a challenge and it gives me a great platform for getting creative and throwing a wedding with a difference. I work as a wedding photographer, so I get to experience a large number of weddings and see what couples are doing for their big day. Many couples (or brides) won’t admit […]

Lecia & Morné

Morné and Lecia had one incredibly fun wedding! There were games played, stomach-aching laughter and lots of effort gone into making Morné work hard at getting through his speech! Their ceremony was held in an underground cellar which gave a very intimate feel to their vows and brought two families close together. The venue was filled with unique spots and is utterly beautiful during the day and magical at night. I hope to shoot another super fun wedding there soon!  

Cobus & Stacey

Having done their engagement session with them too, I feel like I can really relate to Cobus and Stacey. They had one of the most incredible weddings that I’ve photographed. The venue, weather, decor, food….everything was topnotch! I wish them all the happiness in the world and hope to meet them again someday. Congratulations Stacey and Cobus!  

Stephan & Jess

Coming all the way from Australia, it was such a pleasure working with this fun loving couple! I just can’t help but smile and laugh all the time when I’m around them. But they also had the ability to make me cry, especially during their first dance. I just grew so immensely fond to them and can’t wait to see them again later this year when they come back to visit.  

Susanna & Emile

This was a wedding with a difference! They had their little girl, Ellie with them during the entire ceremony, putting focus on how close they are as a family. And Ellie was then Christensen after the ceremony. The church was found on the venue, and so cute, small and intimate! Loved it! Having family and friends coming from all over the world made the speeches and the overall day, fun and interesting.  

Ezelle & Christie

I really feel like I’ve grown with this couple, maybe because I did their engagement shoot and have been in constant contact with Ezelle through her wedding planning up’s and down’s. Christie, who began as a shy guy in front of the camera really impressed me with his posing skills on the wedding day. And Ezelle was looking extra radient, glimmering with happiness. I’m so happy for these two people to have found love so far away from where they live. They give hope to all that somewhere there is the perfect person for each one of us. I wish them so much love, happiness and a great life together in their new life chapter.