About me

I specialize in People photography. I like to capture emotions, personalities, reactions and special moments shared between loved ones.

Linda Smal
I’ve always had an intense interest and passion for photography, but never thought I would make it my profession one day. I accumulated a Graphic Design and Fine Arts background at Stellenbosch University, but didn’t feel satisfied and finished with Cum Laude and an international diploma in Photography.

My photography career started off  at studios that produced innovative family portraits. They taught me how to work with people and more importantly, children. Props and pets were also incorporated during these fun, “high energy” sessions.

Looking for a change in life, I left South Africa and worked on cruise ships travelling between the Caribbean and Mediterranean. During these four years I learned so much more than I did during my six years of studies. I was even selected to do an Advance Wedding Photography Coarse in Mexico to further my technique, skills and ranking.

After meeting the man of my dreams I left my ship life behind and returned to sunny South Africa to live happily ever after with the two loves of my life.